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Poetry wheels in English

Poesi fra sjælen

Når ordene flyder på engelsk er det fra et univers af mystik og universel visdom; oftest føles det som Guds ord, jeg nedfælder. På en eller anden måde, føles det tættere på Gud, når engelske ord flyder - ikke fordi det ekskluderer de danske digte fra guddommelighed, men på engelsk er ringen sluttet og jeg bevæger mig ind i uendeligheden, i enheden, hvor intet er adskilt.


Det er et andet åbent "space", hvor ordene udvider sig i takt med, at universet folder sig ud. Jeg har ikke behov for eller lyst til at tage ejerskab af lyrikken, jeg kan være taknemlig for at jeg er nået ind til den ro, der skal til, for at ordene flyder fra en kilde, hvor al visdom er tilstede.

Medicine Wheel of Poetry

Kærlighedspoesi til dig, hele livet rundt

Wheel of Love

Digte om kærlighed


It is time to come home, my love

I call you from your secret place in my heart

It is time to come home my love

My heart is beating the rhythm of your soul.


I've waited patiently to see your tree grow so beautifully

I've nursed your seed; let it drink from my waters

Planted it with my love song to show you life

Let you grow your own personality.


It is time to come home, my love

You are fully grown and are carrying my seeds

It is time to come home, my love

Bringing life into expansion from our love.

It is time to come home, my love

It is time to come home, my love

It is time to come home, my love.

A love song

I love you in the mirror, when close to my heart

I know nothing can stop you travelling to the light

No matter how challenging the road might be

I keep coming back, centred, living me.


 I am a cell in the great big creation.

When I love its whole self 

it is a doorway to oneness.

This journey to a whole love

towards no conditions has a time prospect.

It takes time, step by step to embrace the truth of oneness.



Wheel of Life

Digte om livet


I cried a million tears or more

For this world to shine

And not one has fallen in vain

For not for one second, did the ocean forget my name.

I shouted a million times in pain

For the challenges in this world

And not a single word has lost its call

For not for one second, did the wind forget my breath.


I have loved a million times or more

And lost along the road in life

But my heart is full of light

For not for one second, did the sun forget to shine.

I laugh and smile in this dance of life

I know my sisters move in this light 

We move to the same exact rhythm 

Of the divine.

A million tears

When you meet love 

There is no need to hide 

When love comes to you 

No doubt, take the ride  

When love enters as nature brings

We surrender into the arms of knowing. 


Light the stars he said, and so you did

As the most natural thing 

Show them the universe in a dance 

Then the rhythm never stopped neither night nor day.



I live this passion of mine 

Depending upon where its essence arises 

A fire of personal wishes

might burn down  

Soul spoken passion will light the fire.



Wheel of Liberty

Digte om frihed


I'm always in love with the present moment

It's amazing what is when I step out of the past 

It does not exist 

Breathing in nothingness, making space for everything 

Awareness expands to the echo of my heart  

Never imagining more freedom to exist. 

I'm such a happy person within the present moment 

Playing with the breath that caught my attention 

Smiling as I expand, allowing the tickling insights 

 When the air circulates in my body 

And I know I’m alive from one moment to the next 


I'm as vibrant as ever in focus of what is 

Never bringing a question of worry into my head 

To the illusion of the present that it exists 

Nothing can rock my boat in balanced water  

For I am as liberated as I believe, 

my heart will set me free.

Echo in my heart

When you love every little cell in your body

Liberty will smile to you in a reflection  

When, as if by reflex 

You picked up the mirror to look.



Just when the morning sun appears 

Revealing the land of opportunities 

The wisdom of the night 

Will be at your doorway ready to step in 

When you embrace both night and day  

Liberty, you’ll see her silhouette 

Dancing in the mirror. 



My dear I know about suffering 

That place in life 

Where you struggle with your wishes 

You've worked so hard

Trying to break through 

How to get this dream to come true?


Wheel of Silence

Digte om stilhed

Wheel of silence.png

Listen to the silence of the heart

It widens your prosperity

When looking for answers

Silence will give you peace.

Caught up in a mind full of wonders

Let the silence guide you home

Brave as a lion that dares to take one step back

Reviewing the scenery.

Rest, my love, in the arms of silence

In-between inhale and exhalation you will find the key

Unlock the door to nothingness

Where everything grows in silence.

Key of silence

Do you ever feel like you are waiting 
In the shadow of life?
Please let me ask you why?
Imagine stepping in through another door
Let your weary head rest in the shade of life

Protecting its gold


Nobody needs a lecture 

That has left its purpose from the heart 

No one craves for senselessly speaking tongues Nothing makes sense in empty words 

That have left the passion of love


Wheel of Wisdom

Digte om visdom


So many expressions are made

Where the voice is used as an identification of you

But the voice is the sound of your soul

And should be honored as the dot on top of the 'i'.

The voice can only vibrate into the core

When you allow the sound to break free from all your personalities

Imagine what liberty this realm would receive

If all vibration breaks free.

sound of your soul

Every time you move soil 

From one place to another 

You bring in new seeds to your garden 

It is up to you to define 

What is weed and what gives delight.



Sometimes in an awkward moment 

It happens that I don’t rime 

As well as the moments when I feel 

There are no more words within sight 



I’m not the singer 

But the song of love 

I’m not the artist 

I just belong in the note after note 

Floating from deep within the poet. 



From the depth of nothingness

The poetries arise

From the space of divine wisdom

Limitlessness reveals its natural sight. 


Once you have laid your head to rest

Under your soul beating heart

All your beauty is allowed to grow

Into the most magical landscape. 


Open is the space of deep inner peace
All you have to do is to bend down

From this personal level of torturing you self

Let go of ideas of how to be worthy

You are love and have always been.


Lay down all other ideas

And receive the deep quantities of your self

Don’t let fear grab the moment of beauty

Trying to make stay of what flows to grow in your heart.


Nothing can be more captivating

Than being alive in this present moment  

Picking stars from the heavens

While routing the path in mother earth

All what it takes is to trust  

The past is gone and the future is unknown to you.

Inner peace

Wake up into the light of totality

I call the morning breeze.

A song in love of mysteries

The name of all.

The birds carry all this wisdom in a note

No words can ever hold

Melodies before the beginning

Note after note.

The wind brings old news in different clothing

As fresh as a newly born

Wings of fortune will carry you home

While true songs blow in the wind.

Lighten up your everlasting journey  

Whisper the wise traveller

Deep in the oneness all love exists  

No end no beginning.

Love of mysteries

Wheel of Power

Digte om styrke


Look no further than the eye can see 

So often we settle for that

Don't make the mistake to lose your head

We have a tendency to add

When someone respected answers

With what the heart doesn't need

Please offer the seed with non-carrying fruit

To the light-hearted feathers.

We need each other so deeply as sisters and brothers

Reactions and responses may not give a clear message to see

But they all give us the reason to look

With sincerity to heartfelt answers

Like a star in its own vibrant position in the oneness universe.

Sisters and brothers

Did life ever promise you

That it would be fair to you?

Did life welcome you with words

Of peace and no struggles?

Did life ever tell you

That you would never meet greed?

Did life show you the possibility

To turn back time?



Sometimes magic appears

after tragic moments

when letting go of fixed ideas

that mislead to illusions,

presently is revealed as opportunities

of forgotten places.


Where do you get your peace in life?

What is the contentment

From its kindness smile?

Stroking your cheek

Telling you life is good?



When challenges have been your friend

For a very long time 

Loneliness arises when you try to say goodbye.

To embrace a change that opens within you  

Trust is the key to unlock the door

Holding a new step.



I've been fighting all day to keep myself centred

I will not let fear cross over my love bridge

This is a battle worth my attention

So I set sail and take off shore to a deeper level


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